The Flathead River Conservation Project is Funded!

A special thanks to our members and their friends who helped raise the funds needed to conserve a key piece of critical habitat and associated farm land along the Flathead River. We did it!

Over the past year, the Flathead Lakers and Flathead Land Trust raised $128,000 from private funds needed to receive a federal grant of $500,000 from the Natural Resource Conservation Service. The funds will allow us to protect key wetlands, floodplain, and farmlands along the Flathead River, just upstream from the lake, that help sustain our clean water and natural heritage. The wetlands, habitat, and floodplain of the Flathead River Conservation Project are part of a larger network of protected lands along the river that help sustain the clean water that flows through our lake and watershed.

Flathead Lakers members special donations to the Flathead River Conservation project helped close the gap to successfully complete the project. With funding at hand, our partner the Flathead Land Trust can now complete the project to permanently protect the Flathead River Conservation Project.

Thank you so much for your support!

Constanza von der Pahlen, Critical Lands Program Director

Flathead River Conservation Project