How to Clean Your Boat

Clean Drain Dry1. INSPECT
After leaving a lake or stream, inspect your boat, engine, trailer, anchor, waders, and other fishing and boating gear for mud, water, and vegetation that could carry aquatic invasive species.

Completely remove all mud, water, and vegetation you find. Be sure to completely drain your bilge and fish keeper. Boaters should use a pressurized power sprayer, found at most do-it-yourself car washes. The hot water helps kill organisms and the pressure removes mud and vegetation. No need to use soap or chemicals.

3. DRY
Aquatic invaders can survive only in water and wet areas. By drying your boating and fishing equipment thoroughly, you will kill most invasive species. The longer you can keep your boat, trailer, waders, wading boots, and other equipment outside in the hot sun between fishing trips, the better.

Remember it is unlawful to move live fish, aquatic invertebrates or plants from one body of water to another without FWP authorization. It is also unlawful to release any live aquarium or bait fish.

Boat Diagram