Restoration Success

Siderius Flathead River Project

The Flathead Lakers joined efforts with FWP and NRCS to help fund restoration projects on the Siderius property along the banks of the Flathead River, where a conservation easement was already in place. The restoration projects included fencing to keep cattle out of the riparian areas, adding a cattle watering facility, and planting riparian vegetation along the river and associated wetland sloughs.

Waller Egan Slough Project

John and Amy Waller restored the banks of Egan Slough on their property. Eagan Slough is an old channel of the Flathead River. The restoration project included revegetating the wetland slough’s banks with native plants, installing heavy weed mats to exclude the invading canary reed grass, and building temporary fences that will protect the young native plants from deer.

Stillwater Riverbank Restoration Project

Healthy riparian forests that border the eroding banks of the Stillwater River near the VoAg Center teem with wildlife, including river otter, osprey, and great blue herons. However, the 900 feet of eroding river bank by the VoAg Center were completely denuded of native vegetation.

For a science class project, students researched the erosion problem on the river and provided initial recommendations for restoration. The students presented their findings to staff at the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), who decided to help the school secure restoration funding.

The eroding banks were recontoured. Native trees and shrubs were planted to create a riparian buffer. The hog barn was relocated further from the river. VoAg students anchored erosion blankets on the new slope of the river bank and planted trees and shrubs.