Shoreline & Streambank Protection

Lakeshore Regulations

Lakeshore regulations have been developed to help protect Flathead Lake and other lakes in the Flathead Watershed. These regulations also help protect lakeshore property values by requiring development on a lakeshore to meet minimum standards. Work on the lakeshore, both in and out of the water, requires a permit. If you plan to do work on the lakeshore or in the water, please contact your county planning office or the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes:

Flathead County Planning & Zoning: 728-5980

Lake County Planning: 883-7235

CS&KT Lakeshore Protection Office: 675-2700

Stream, River & Wetland Regulations

There are several regulations designed to protect streams, rivers and wetlands which are administered by various federal, state, county and tribal agencies.

A Guide to Stream Permitting in Montana provides information about the regulations and the permits needed for various projects.

One application form can be used to apply for several types of permits. If you plan to conduct a project that may affect the bed or banks of a stream, that involves construction in or near the 100-year floodplain, that will dredge or fill in a lake, river, stream or wetland, disturb one or more acres through construction activity, or discharge stormwater into a water body, please review the guide for more information about relevant regulations and who to contact for information.

For projects on the Flathead Indian Reservation, contact the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes Shoreline Protection office for information on their permitting requirements.

Lakeshore & Streambank BMPs

There are many ways lakeshore and stream bank property owners can be good stewards and help protect water quality. You can help by implementing water quality best management practices, or BMPs, on your property. Visit our BMPs Tool Box for more information.