Becoming Watershed Citizens

Every year, hundreds of local students are able to participate thanks to the support of our members.

The Flathead Lakers developed and offer a watershed education program, Becoming Watershed Citizens, for students to increase their understanding of the physical, biological, and social components of the Flathead Watershed and their interconnections. The program includes both classroom lessons and activities and a culminating spring field trip to the Flathead Lake Biological Station.

If you are interested in volunteering or bringing your students, contact Hilary Devlin at or 406-883-1341.  Below are a few of the field trip activities.

Watercolors of the Watershed: Students reflect upon what they’ve learned about their watershed and express it through art, watercolors, fun, and inspiration.

Life Under the Microscope: Have you seen a Daphnia’s heart beat?  Students get a close look at the base of the Flathead Lake food web.

Flathead Lake’s Food Web:  What would happen if invasive mussels were introduced to Flathead Lake? Our local students learn by visualizing the complexity and interconnectedness of the natural world.

Stream Bugs: Students learn how stream bugs live and move in a healthy stream, and discover how certain stream insects can tell scientists about the health of a stream.