Educating Watershed Citizens

Educating Watershed Citizens

Most people would answer yes to the question “Are you concerned about having a healthy environment in which to live or visit?” The proportion of positive responses grows smaller as the question shifts to “Are you willing to change your behaviors in order to protect water quality?” The realization that many of our actions have downstream impacts is not commonly understood.

We all live in and impact a watershed.

The Flathead Lakers informs members, the public, public officials, resource managers, and students about vital issues that affect Flathead Lake and how to protect water quality. Our education program for students and adults focuses on three basic principles:

  1. Understanding our watershed.
  2. We all live in a watershed and our actions can pollute our streams, rivers, lakes and groundwater.
  3. Everyone can help protect our waters.

Voluntary water quality Best Management Practices (BMPs) are incorporated into the education program as appropriate to the audience.

For adults, we conduct tours, workshops, and talks.

For students, we developed the Becoming Watershed Citizens program.