Educating Watershed Citizens

Educating Watershed Citizens

We all live in and impact a watershed.

The Flathead Lakers inform members, the public, public officials, resource managers, and students about vital issues that affect Flathead Lake and how to protect water quality. Our education program for students and adults focuses on three basic principles:

  1. Appreciating and understanding our watershed.
  2. Understanding that our actions can pollute our streams, rivers, lakes and groundwater.
  3. Recognizing that everyone can help protect our waters.

For students, we developed the Becoming Watershed Citizens program over twenty years ago.  Every year, around 400 local students participate and learn how to be future watershed stewards thanks to the support of our members.

For adults, we conduct tours, workshops, and talks through out the year.  Look for announcements on our homepage, Facebook, and newsletters.

We provide information for landowners and stewards, such Tips for Clean Water Stewards and other voluntary water quality Best Management Practices (BMPs).  We also provide clean water practices site visits to help teach landowners how to become a Clean Water Steward.

And for everyone, we’ve produced three short, informative videos to address important issues Flathead Lake and its watershed are facing.  PLEASE SHARE!

Be a Montana Superhero

Oil and Water Don’t Mix

Planting Buffers for Clean Water