Tom Cox

Tom Cox

Finley Point

Thomas Cox was born and raised in Missoula. His father bought a place on Flathead Lake at Finley Point when Tom was nine years old; he has spent time there ever since.

School included time in Oregon (bachelor’s and master’s in zoology/chemistry) and Arizona (PhD in physiology) before taking a job at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Carbondale. Tom and his wife Caryl made a life there for 27 years.

As much time as possible was spent at Flathead Lake, usually only a week or two in the summer. They were constantly reminded that rivers and lakes can be cold and crystal clear and the humidity does not have to be 90% all summer.

Tom was able to retire early as a professor of physiology. They now live on Finley Point. Tom has been a member of the Flathead Lakers and Trout Unlimited for several years. The family also holds membership in the Stewardship Society of the Five Valleys Land Trust out of Missoula. Currently Tom and Caryl are active members in their local home owners association. Caryl has been involved with the school system in Polson including the school board.