Planting Buffers for Clean Water

Check out this video from the Flathead River Steward Program. Learn how landowners are making a difference! Learn about the River Steward Program and the partners involved! Call us if you want to join the efforts!

Helping people improve lands along rivers and streams from Critical Lands Project on Vimeo.

The Flathead River Steward Program is a collaborative effort helping landowners enhance and restore riparian forests along our rivers to improve water quality, abundant fish and wildlife, productive farm soils, and recreational opportunities in the Flathead Watershed. This program is the riparian and wetlands restoration working group of the Flathead River to Lake Initiative ( Meet a landowner and the partners working with landowners to improve stewardship of lands along our rivers!
For more information about the Flathead River Steward Program contact:

Franz Ingelfinger, Restoration Ecologist, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Phone: (406) 751-4580

Constanza von der Pahlen, Director of the Flathead Lakers Critical Lands Program