Flathead Lake Citizen Science

The Flathead Lake community cares about protecting the beautiful clean waters that flow through our watershed. The Flathead Lakers and the Flathead Lake Biological Station are developing a new volunteer Citizen Science Program. We hope to involve citizens – you and your friends –in science that will build knowledge and understanding about our precious Flathead Watershed.

Volunteer Citizen Scientists can enable great science by participating in research projects. Our proposed projects will provide an opportunity for volunteers to make a direct contribution to Flathead Lake research, increase their scientific understanding, and immerse themselves in learning about our lake and its watershed.

Thank you to the Greater Polson Community Foundation for its financial support of this new and exciting program.

Read about the 2018 Flathead Lake Secchi Dip-in results.


secchi disk

The Secchi Dip-in is a nationwide program and YOU can participate! Adopt a Secchi disk and dip-in to Flathead Lake to measure water clarity!  The 2019 Flathead Lake Secchi Dip-in measured the clearest water in Flathead Lake in 25 years!  Participate in the upcoming 2020 Flathead Lake Secchi Dip-in to learn more about Flathead Lake, and learn how water clarity in Flathead Lake compares to other lakes around the country.


Periphyton Study – Thanks to the support of the Greater Polson Community Foundation, we will study periphyton around Flathead Lake in 2020. Periphyton is the light brown or green slime covering rocks in the shallow waters, and a complex mixture of algae, bacteria, microbes, and detritus, and is a vital part of a lake’s ecosystem.


Water Stewards Program – If you have a little more time and energy to give, consider becoming a Water Steward volunteer.  You will receive classroom instruction and hands-on fieldwork instruction at the Flathead Lake Biological Station, and then participate in a variety of ongoing monitoring of water quality in Flathead Lake and tributary stream locations under the direction of FLBS researchers and Flathead Lakers staff.

Whitefish Diet Study

Whitefish Diet Study – Do you enjoy fishing for and keeping whitefish? We need you to collect stomach samples and be a part of this fascinating ecological study.

To get involved or learn more, contact Hilary Devlin at or 406-883-1341.


Flathead Lake Citizen Science Initiative

Get involved in the Flathead Lake Citizen Science Initiative

For more information, contact Hilary Devlin at or 406-883-1341.