Lake County is revising its Growth Policy. Please support protecting clean water and density regulations!

Lake County is beginning to revise its 2003 Growth Policy and is seeking comments on key issues and how they should be addressed in the policy. The Flathead Lakers support maintaining important provisions in the 2003 policy and the associated Density Map and Regulations that help protect our clean waters, healthy habitat, and scenic vistas. You can make your voice heard through two questionnaires on the county website or by sending comments to the Lake Co. Planning Dept. at vog.t1529334004mekal1529334004@rent1529334004siefj1529334004 and Land Solutions (the county’s consultant on this project) at ten.t1529334004oofkc1529334004alb@s1529334004noitu1529334004losdn1529334004al.le1529334004oj1529334004.

For more information and ideas for your questionnaire responses and comments, please take a look at the following:

Flathead Lakers 8/14/17 letter to the Lake Co. Planning Dept. and Land Solutions

Previous letters supporting the Density Regulations:
Flathead Lakers 11/10/15 letter
Flathead Lakers 2/12/16 letter
CSKT 11/18/15 letter supporting the Density Regulations

CSKT suggestions for questionnaire responses:
General questionnaire
Goals & Objectives questionnaire

Together, we can ensure that the revised Lake Co. Growth Policy will protect Flathead Lake and clean water for all to enjoy now and in the future.