Flathead Lakers’ Critical Land Program Director Given Conservation Leadership Award

The Flathead Land Trust presented their Conservation Leadership Award to Constanza von der Pahlen, Flathead Lakers Critical Land Program Director, for her leadership, vision, and support for advancing conservation efforts in the Flathead Watershed.  Constanza has led the Lakers’ efforts to collaboratively protect and restore lands critical for sustaining water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and other values for the past 19 years.

Constanza was honored on December 16, along with Gael Bissell, for “their unwavering leadership, service, and commitment to conserving our spectacular land and water legacy through community-based conservation”, said Paul Travis, Flathead Land Trust executive director.

The Flathead Land Trust also thanked Flathead Lakers’ board members and staff for their successful fundraising efforts to conserve the Flathead River Conservation Project.

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