Flathead Lake Mussel Walk Challenge

The 2020 Flathead Lake Mussel Walk needs your help!

Due to Covid 19, we are unable to host the annual Flathead Lake Mussel Walk program with our partners.  WE NEED YOU!

You can help us monitor for invasive mussels while social distancing! Please participate in the Flathead Lake Mussel Walk Challenge this April and May. Help us continue our community effort to monitor our watershed for aquatic invasive species.

  • Pick a beautiful day and go to your favorite Flathead Lake spot.
  • Slowly walk your stretch of Flathead Lake, turning over rocks and inspecting dock and sea wall structures. Feel free to bring gloves and a trash bag.
  • Look for anything suspicious. You can find an invasive mussel guide and instructions, and contact information for anything suspicious on our website, www.flatheadlakers.org.
  • If you have children, take them along! Share the instructions and encourage friends and family to go out as well (while social distancing).
  • Record your location and findings. Take a photo or video and SEND IT TO US!
  • Submit your results below.

Early detection of invasive mussels is paramount to preventing an infestation. Once mussels are established, it is impossible to get rid of them.  Join our community effort to keep a watchful eye on Flathead Lake and watershed.

DIY Flathead Lake Mussel Walk: