Links to Realtime Lake Levels & Streamflow Data

U.S. Geological Survey

National Home Page

Water Resources

Montana Home Page

Surface Water Data for Montana

Flathead Lake & Hungry Horse Reservoir

Flathead Lake Level at Polson – USGS

Northwest River Forecast Center runoff graph

National Weather Service Missoula Area Composite Hydrograph Page (crest projections)

Flathead/Clark Fork river basins. Links to tabular and graphical data.
Hungry Horse Dam
• Kerr Dam

National Weather Service wave height forecast for Flathead Lake

Flathead River – Mainstem & Three Forks

Mainstem Flathead River at Columbia Falls

Middle Fork Flathead River near West Glacier

North Fork Flathead River above Columbia Falls and at British Columbia border

South Fork Flathead below Hungry Horse Dam and South Fork near Spotted Bear

Mainstem Flathead River below Polson

Mainstem Flathead River at Perma

Other Rivers & Creeks Above Flathead Lake

Stillwater River near Whitefish (historical data only) and at Lawrence Park, Kalispell (current station)

Swan River near Bigfork

Whitefish River near mouth

Northwest River Forecast Center

Water Supply: Runoff and Forecasts



Worldwide Streamflow Data

Global River Discharge Database: This database provides streamflow data on more than 3,500 rivers around the world. It is maintained by the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE) at the University of Wisconsin’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. The streamflow data are in cubic meters per second (one cubic meter per second equals 35.3 cubic feet per second).