Your Comments Needed on Draft Lake County Growth Policy

Lake County Growth Policy Rewrite

The Lake County Planning Board will continue to accept public comments on the 2nd draft of the proposed new Growth Policy through its next meeting on Wednesday, February 14 at 7 pm.

The new Growth Policy will have significant and long-term impacts on the waters, lands, and resources of Lake County.  As part of the revision, the Lake County Commissioners have indicated their intent to change the current Density Regulations and Map to advisory, rather than regulatory.

Please share your concerns with the Planning Board:

Fax comments to:  406-883-7205 or
E-mail comments to: 

For more information:

2/14/18 Flathead Lakers comment letter

2nd Draft Growth Policy

It is also listed under “DOCUMENTS,” along with additional information, including a message from the Lake County Commissioners dated December 29, 2017, at this link:

Flathead Lakers testimony at the 1/10/18 Public Hearing

Flathead Lakers comment letter submitted to the Planning Board