Participate in the 2019 Flathead Lake Secchi Dip-in this July!

Adopt a Secchi disk and dip-in to Flathead Lake to measure water clarity this summer!

We want our Flathead Lake community and their Secchi disks dipping all around Flathead Lake again this summer! You can join our effort to monitor and protect the clean waters of Flathead Lake and watershed. Participate now!

Learn more about the Flathead Lake Citizen Science program and the Flathead Lake Secchi Dip-in, or contact Hilary Devlin at gro.s1576118971rekal1576118971daeht1576118971alf@y1576118971ralih1576118971 or 406-270-1462.

Read about the 2018 Flathead Lake Secchi Dip-in results.