Friends & Partners

Flathead Lake Biological Station

The Flathead Lake Biological Station is a research and education center of the University of Montana. Located at Yellow Bay, it is one of the oldest and finest freshwater research stations in the country. It is the source for scientific information on the Flathead Lake and River Basin ecosystem.

Flathead Basin Commission

Established by the Montana Legislature, the Flathead Basin Commission is charged with monitoring and protecting the Flathead Lake aquatic environment. The Commission is composed of resource management agency representatives and citizen members. The Commission maintains an office in Kalispell and meets bimonthly.

Critical Lands Project and the River to Lake Initiative

Over 20 organizations and agencies participate in the Critical Lands Project initiated by the Flathead Lakers, including local, state, tribal, and federal resource managers, scientists, and conservation group representatives. The River to Lake Initiative works to conserve and restore critical lands in the Flathead River corridor between Columbia Falls and Flathead Lake and at the lake’s north shore. See Saving Critical Lands for more information.

Flathead Basin Aquatic Invasive Species Working Group

Local resource management agencies and organizations, including the Flathead Lakers, work together to plan and take actions to prevent the introduction of harmful aquatic invaders into Flathead Basin waters.

Crown of the Continent Ecosystem Education Consortium

The Crown of the Continent Ecosystem Education Consortium (COCEEC) is a collaborative partnership of various entities engaged in natural resources education working together to develop and disseminate ecosystem-focused curricula, workshops, and projects for adults and children.

Flathead Community of Resource Educators

The Flathead Community of Resource Educators (CORE) is a network of individuals & organizations working together to increase awareness & understanding about the natural, historical and cultural resources of the Flathead region. The Flathead Lakers participates in CORE’s Watershed Education Committee.

Swan Lakers

The Swan Lakers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining the water quality of Swan Lake and the Swan River watershed. The Swan River is the second largest source of inflow to Flathead Lake. The water quality of this upstream watershed is critical to a healthy Flathead Lake.

Center for Native Plants

The Flathead Lakers partner with the Center for Native Plants on lakeshore and stream bank riparian restoration. The Center is Flathead Valley’s only retail native plant nursery. It offers wildflowers, grasses, groundcovers, shrubs, and trees native to Montana.

Montana Watershed Coordination Council

The Montana Watershed Coordination Council (MWCC) is an inclusive partnership to enhance, conserve, and protect natural resources and sustain the high quality of life in Montana for present and future generations using a collaborative watershed approach.

Montana Wetlands Legacy

Montana Wetlands Legacy is a partnership of farmers, ranchers, agencies and organizations working to protect and restore wetland and riparian habitats in Montana.

Montana Wetlands Council

The Montana Wetland Council is an active network of diverse interests that works cooperatively to conserve and restore Montana’s wetlands and riparian ecosystems.